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Hump Day

Half way there folks! I was on the war path to get all of our weekly errands knocked out in record time. After dropping Matt off at work we made it to Costco before the opening bell. That is the hallmark of a true professional right there. No one got pushed out of the cart and only two grammies stopped to ask me if they were twins this round.

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We hammered out the rest of the SAHM trifecta in record time, Starbucks and Target for those not in the biz, before heading home. After hustling everyone to their blessed after lunch quiet time I was dealing with the latest saga of my life. That mother-trucking pool. It’s an above ground, salt water system and everything is DANDY when it is working.  #redneckyachtclub


Lately it has been a huge pain. I can’t seem to keep the salt water system thing working and the vacuuming and, and, and. I have tried to call for help and no one services above ground pools here making me BFF+E with the local pool store. So, basically I’m frantically google-ing and hitting the you-tube for how-to videos and it is making me crazy because nothing is working. I have no way to wrap this story up except to ask that you feel very badly for my first world swimming pool probs.

After trying really really hard to make it to the gym this afternoon. We’re talking packed up the kids and made the trek to find the kids club doesn’t reopen until 5 pm tried. We decided to get creative with our backyard festivities. New favorite game ever. Mom sits around and tells you what to do next while you burn off all of your 4 pm crazy. Enjoy the prison yard pics. Concrete on concrete, what can you do?


Keep on keeping on people. I’ve got a date with my sander for the next few days while the weather is giving us a semi-reprieve from the sweltering degrees.

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  1. July 10, 2015 / 10:11 am

    Okay totally taking note from your chalk art pic. ha ha! My kids would love that!

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