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Lucy’s Nursery Nook

I know I promised pictures of Hudson’s room but it’s not finished yet (just being consistent here!). I do have a fun update for you though, Lucy’s little nursery nook. We have three bedrooms in our little rental and two are currently occupied by toddlers with finicky sleep habits. I am all for sharing rooms but until Lucy is sleeping through the night  we’ll be sharing our room with our littlest lady.

Our upstairs “suite” is a converted attic. As thankful as we are to have the extra space, air quotes are completely necessary here as the room is the most inefficiently designed room ever. There is no full wall to put our bed against and the pitched ceilings make arranging any other furniture pretty impossible. BUT! Silver lining here, the awkward roof shape and room design made a perfectly cozy area to house Lucy’s crib and a rocking chair.


I was overzealous to get this project started so the before pictures are a little more like in progress pictures.


I wanted to make this little area special for our girl since she doesn’t have a nursery to call her own but was pretty limited in terms of decorating since it’s our room too (nothing too babyish) and we’re renting. So, nothing permanent. Enter…removable(!!) wallpaper. I loved how the vinyl stars turned out in Harper’s room so I was up for another foray into adhesive wall decor. I ordered the gold peonies wallpaper from Chasing Paper and it is amazing.

Nursery Nook | Ahrens at Home

Forget the days of wallpapering = marriage enders. I had this up by myself in less than an hour. It’s easy to cut (use a sharp exacto knife) and easy to stick and readjust if necessary. The pattern is extremely forgiving which I would not have guessed. I had to do a lot of cutting for all of the windows and awkward angles. Below is a picture where there are about 5 seams. If you squint and look very closely you can see where the pattern doesn’t match exactly. They are essentially invisible in person.

Nursery Nook | Ahrens at Home

I used three sheets of the paper, which isn’t exactly inexpensive but since I had to buy exactly zero nursery or baby items this time around I felt like splurging. The paper is so beautiful, I would do my whole room if I had a million dollars lying around. It feels like very thick fabric printed on contact paper. I’m sure that description is as clear as mud but you can just tell it is well made and doesn’t feel like it will rip if you pull on it or move it around.

Nursery Nook | Ahrens at Home

Without sounding like a big bad bragger, I really love the way this turned out. It’s better than I thought it was going to be which feels like winning when you take a risk (money/time) like this. I recently participated in the Nester’s Cozy Minimalist course and she really encouraged investing in large scale pieces for small spaces instead of trying to over-decorate with a million tiny tchotchkes.  So in the end, $100 for a big impact space was well worth it to me.

Nursery Nook | Ahrens at Home

So, all we need now is for Lucy to sleep through the night and we’ll all be happy campers.


If you’re interested in the decorating course (which I highly recommend!) and would like a $10 discount, just enter my name: Brittney Ahrens as the coupon code. You’ll get $10 and I’ll get $10.

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  1. Lori Gannon
    January 14, 2016 / 11:25 pm

    Lucys nook look great!!

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