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Mama Must Haves: Summer Fun

With Memorial Day behind us, we can officially welcome summer! Bring on the beach, BBQ and long days! I’ve seen a few people list their summer favs and I love seeing what everyone stocks in their beach bag {nosy, right?} so I threw together my mama + baby must haves for summer fun!


1. I love this Tuffo beach blanket. I usually put it under our beach towels. It’s water proof and it’s made of some plastic material so sand slides right off. It also wraps up neatly in it’s own carrying case.

2. Hudson has a love for the sand {the grass, notsomuch} so I bought him a few sand toys from Target and Ikea. He loves them.

3. Ahh, the almighty baby powder trick. Thanks to Pinterest, I’m sure you’re all in the know but baby powder gets sand right off baby’s legs and feet. No need to use the outdoor showers to clean them off.

4. My girlfriend Kelly had this foaming sunblock for her little boy the last time we were at the beach. It is perfect for babies/toddlers with fair hair. I was lathering up Hudson’s hairline with our usual sunblock and it wasn’t working that great. This goes on almost like mousse so you can really get their scalps covered. I wouldn’t use it for all over protection but for baby’s scalp, it can’t be beat.

5. iPlay sunhat. Another recommendation from a fellow beach mama. Hudson has a giant noggin and none of the baby hats fit him. I love this because it has an elastic, adjustable strap around the top. I bought this in a 2T and cinched it up to his head. We’ll get plenty of wear out of this for a few years.

6. I bought these sunglasses at American Eagle about 5 years ago and they’re still holding strong. Best $15 I’ve spent and I don’t have to worry about them breaking.

7. This is my 1-2 combo for my pasty skin situation. I use the sunblock on my face almost every day {nary a breakout to be found} and L’Oreal sunless tanning gel is seriously the best around! Believe me, I’ve tried them all!

8. I love this nail color, My Chihuahua bites. The name sold me on it but really the color is pretty perfect for a summer pedicure!

9. We all need a good summer anthem and my boy Eric Church has the best. I’ve already seen him in concert twice and am going in July. Can’t wait!

What’s in your beach bag? Do you have a summer jam I have to know about?

psst- I wasn’t paid or perked for mentioning any of these items. I just love them. Especially Eric Church. Smile

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  1. June 8, 2013 / 6:38 am

    Wow, so many goodies! I wish we were going to the beach this year, but alas it’s not in the cards. But I would feel a lot better about going with a baby after reading this. Thanks! PS- Had no idea about the baby powder trick, thank you for sharing!

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