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Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

Has everyone thoroughly recovered from the Royal Wedding mania? Loved the dress, the preacher, the choir…well, really all of it. A+ all around Harry + Meghan. Thanks to one of my darling children (LUCY) I got to watch the wedding live at 4:30 am. Kids are the best.

Anyway, that’s not why we’re here, let’s talk about ME…we managed to survive our own royal wedding last month. Reminder if you don’t recall all of my social engagements, Matt’s brother was getting married in New Jersey with all three darling children participating and Matt in the wedding party. The royal family has never been more relatable tbh…


So buckle up for a slideshow of iPhone pictures of my kids in their black tie finest and me trying not to look like I’ve been whisper-yelling at them all day/weekend (spoiler: I was).

Black Tie Wedding|Ahrens at Home

The flight to New Jersey was surprisingly smooth sailing. I wish I could say it was due to our kids being seasoned travelers but I’m afraid it was directly related to snacks + unlimited inflight entertainment via Virgin’s seat back screens. Harper’s glassy eyed stare and robot I watched Frozen two times in a row declaration to everyone she met following the six hour flight didn’t even make us feel badly about throwing our limited screen-time philosophy out the window. More in-depth traveling with children post coming up soon!

The day of the rehearsal, Harper woke up with the stomach flu so that was a bit nerve racking for everyone involved but sister rallied and would not be stopped from her Very Important flower girl duties. Lucy was pretty much a loose canon all weekend (two year olds, amiright?!), in which I had to make early exits from all events before she could wreak havoc on the guests.

Black tie wedding with kids|Ahrens at Home

Double dipping from the IG and a little blurry but I love the smiles and the flower crowns.

Black tie wedding with kids|Ahrens at Home

Look at that beautiful bride! The flowers were amazing, basically every detail was perfection!

Black tie wedding with kids|Ahrens at Home

Shout out to da real MVP of the day, my non-maternity dress. Which, if we’re being honest, was pushed past the reasonable limits of capacity but held strong like a champ until the end.


Lucy looked like a little cherub (mom-biasing hard here) despite being a holy terror. Can we all take a minute for the glory that is the crown braid I managed to complete on her? My YouTube braid video trolling has been paying off.


Black tie wedding with kids|Ahrens at Home

Can you even with those beautiful flower crowns? They are made with real flowers +eucalyptus leaves. Had my pinterest heart aflutter the whole day. The entire wedding was gorgeous, in just the perfect venue. We’re so happy to add this beautiful bride to our family!

Black tie wedding with kids|Ahrens at Home

Back soon with more on our travels to the Big Apple and our tour of all the carousels in Manhattan.

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  1. Dad
    June 22, 2018 / 9:30 pm

    Well Yea!
    And it looks like you finally got your Christmas Card Picture.

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