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Just in case you haven’t heard my incessant online chatter about the SuperBloom all over Southern California, here are more pictures of children frolicking in the fields.

Best place for wildflower family pictures

Quick backstory in case you’re one of the 90 percent saying superbloom, whaaa? California had a super rainy winter (which, praise be) and finally ended our ten year drought. The fields and mountains are aliiiiive with native grasses, trees, and flowers. The poppy fields you’ve been seeing all over Instagram are insane and just as beautiful in person.

Best place for wildflower family pictures



Lucy currently refuses any hairstyle that does not involve a braid. I have to applaud her vision for this wildflower crown braid aesthetic.

Superbloom picture spots

Poppy Fields

I convinced Matt to drive down to Lake Elsinore in search of our very own slice of Insta-flower heaven. Thank god we had one potty break + a wrong turn that ended up taking us two exits North of the now closed due to flower manic Walker Canyon. It was the perfect amount of flowers and there was no one else around (which is hilarious if you saw my IG story of people literally marching up the canyons 6 across).

Los Angeles Superbloom

So, yes, in case you were wondering…I did pack up my entire family and drive two hours to take pictures in the flower fields. No regrets!

Best place for wildflower family pictures

Lucy, making sure Mom doesn’t get her Christmas card picture in May.

Poppy Fields

Since the wildflower season goes through May (or until whenever the death-hell-heat arrives) we managed to grab a family photo session with our favorite photographer last weekend so I’m excited to see a few pictures with proof of mom. 😉

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