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On the road again

We are leaving early on Wednesday for a massive cross-country journey and I currently need to do all things, not limited to six loads of laundry so LET’S BLOG! Matt’s brother is getting married in New Jersey so we’re hopping on a plane with all the kids, doing all the wedding festivus, hitting the city for about a week, jumping back on a plane with a pit-stop in Iowa for my sister’s college graduation and then home again home, jiggity-jig.


Should be fine. Right? RIGHT?! Thankfully the kids are pretty seasoned travelers so I’m (naively?) optomistic, but the six hour flight has us a liiiiitttle nervous, especially since our loose canon, Lucy will be riding in her own seat for the first time. I’ve managed to keep the panic-amazon purchases limited to three of these and a set of these for in-flight entertainment. If only because you cannot charter a plane via Amazon Prime.



We’ll be staying in downtown in NYC and we’re thrilled to be able to show the kids the city (they’ll remember it, right?) so I’m all ears for suggestions on things-to-do or places to eat. Typically, we don’t do a ton of running around with the kids on vacation, we mostly hit all of the local playgrounds and parks but we’re basically never coming back to the East Coast until everyone can use the potty unassisted so we’re willing to make an effort just this once.



I’ve been pinning all of my unrealistic travel expectations here and you can follow our travel on the ‘gram with our #ahrensontheroad tag. If all goes well, I’ll be back to smugly tell you all you ever need to know about traveling with three kids under five, while almost seven months pregnant. If not, I’ll at least have a solid list of ice cream stops in NYC for you.

road trip with kids/babies on plane

Lead NYC print via Rifle Paper Co


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