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Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

…waves white flag from my snack crumb covered minivan. I finally(!) understand all the memes, facebook rants, and general gnashing of teeth when moms of school aged kids start talking all about May. It’s like December said, “Imma about to blow up your calendar” and May said, “hold my beer”. It’s been the longest and shortest month ever, jammed with all the things, and y’all I am beat. We are limping to the summertime finish line.

I think we’re all ready to sleep past 6 am and have some serious jammies only mornings. To all of the ‘what have you got planned for summer’ questions I keep getting: nothing. No camps, no lessons, no art classes. Nothing. Based on the eleven(!!) tardies we managed to earn this year I’m guessing no one will miss us showing up ten minutes late to every event.

So friends, this is us. Checking in (we’re alive!) and saying we’ll be better in June. When we don’t have to do all the things, pack all the lunches, and plan all the extracurriculars. See you on the other side, Mothers.

Unrelated baby pic because…can you even? Gimme all the heart eyes.






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