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Unexpected Amazon: Boutique Baby Gifts

I know all you traditionalist are giving me the side eye for a Christmas gift guide before the Thanksgiving leftovers have even cooled but hear me out. Last year I was about nine months pregnant at the end of November so I had miraculously planned ahead and bought, wrapped and finished all of our gifts before the turkey timer even dinged.

Surprise, surprise, last Christmas season was so relaxed and fun (even with a newborn in the house). We were able to say yes to baking, special outings and other fun holiday stuff without feeling like I had to run around like a crazy person finishing up all the shopping too.

Since our house is all about that Amazon prime (and I’m guessing yours is too?)…if you’re not, get on the bandwagon sister! I thought it might be fun/helpful to round up some gifts that don’t scream I BOUGHT THIS FROM THE AMAZON WISHLIST APP. <—Not that that it’s bad but sometimes I need that 2 day shipping but am hoping for a unique little gift to wrap up under the tree. So, here we go…cute gifts, decent prices and prime shipping. Links below!


BlaBla/blankets/blocks/plane/jumprope/fox socks/sheep/caterpillar/teethers/rainbow/abc puzzle/bear drum/wood toy/puzzle/ducks/ride-on mouse/pram/bunny book/dreamer book/Daisy & Josephine/Gaston/Flora

We own about 80% of the items on the list and have been super happy with the quality and the kids love them. I’m wondering how you do Christmas with kiddos. We don’t usually buy the kids gifts for under the tree since our extended family spoils them so much. Last year we did have the big kids buy each other a gift, which is a tradition I would like to continue. In addition, we typically do a big family gift (playhousekitchen last year, dollhouse this year) and stockings from Santa. We also have been choosing a gift as a family for another family, this year we bought a goat from the Compassion catalog and the kids were thrilled.

I think in the future we’ll do the three gifts idea that is all over Pinterest; something you want, something to wear, something to read. I think it’s a great way to tie it back into the three gifts to Jesus and reminding the kids the reason for the season!


Just a reminder, affiliate links were used in this post. You buy, we get a slice of the pie (at no cost to you! More details here). Thanks for keeping our stockings full, you’re the best.

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  1. Brittni
    April 23, 2023 / 5:47 am

    This list was awesome!

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