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Pumpkin Pumpkin

We had our annual obligatory pilgrimage to the sweat fest that is the pumpkin patch this weekend. I feel like this picture perfectly sums up our feelings of “fall” in So Cal…


We always go to Underwood Family Farms which is adorable if not a little commercialized (side eye for the $20 activity wristband) but it’s better than ye olde parking lot pumpkin patch that you find everywhere else around LA.


We did a group party with my local moms group so we definitely hustled around getting the most bang for our buck on all of the kiddie attractions. Did you see my video on snapchat of the kids riding the train? They kill me, so serious! They’re like, we are having a lovely time mother, thank you for allowing us to attend this appropriately holiday themed festival.


Driving the combine while wearing official farm boots is the winning combo for a smile.


Before picking out our prize family gourd of the season we hit up the cow train and upon getting to the front of the line we read that children under two must ride with an adult. Matt looked at me and I was like…nope. The fun parent squeezed his hiney into a cow and took the 15 minute ride under the blistering sun.


We’re all having fun here! Right?!




We grabbed the nearest pumpkin to the exit and hightailed it to the respite of the mom-van AC but not before I demanded the requisite pumpkin pictures. Think of the memories children!



This weekend promises to cool down to 80 degrees so we’re about ready to break out the sweaters around here. Hope your week is filled with iced coffee and pumpkin spice everythang.

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