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Gift Guide for the 6 year old boy

Birthday season has descended upon us, as it seems like we’re headed to a party every weekend! Similar to our family, most of our friends do the no-gift party policy, (praise hands) but Hudson is turning the big SIX in a few weeks and I’ve been racking my brain on what to get for his big day. I’ve never really had a problem coming up with something fun for him but we’ve crossed off all of the big ticket items like a bike, play house, etc.

We tend to lean towards experience gifts, consumables, or imagination/building toys for our kids, just due to space constraints in our house and not wanting to own all the plastic crap (sorry, not sorry). All Pinterest had to offer me for suggestions were nurf guns (hard pass) and lego sets (we have so many!). So I polled my friends and scoured Amazon like the millennial mother I am and here’s what I came up with. Here’s hoping you can find a gem for the little friends in your life.

6 year old boy birthday gift ideas



knock knock jokes/sand table/block crayons/water balloons/model plane/head phones/telescope/balance board/marble run/sleeping bag/fort clips/felt ball sling shot/magnifying glass/batman mask/magnatiles/ukulele/dinosaurium/dino book/dino dig/wood swing/compass/walkie talkies/slippers/paint/wood claves/bike

6 year old boy birthday giftObviously, Hudson isn’t raking in all of this loot on the big day but we own (and love!) quite a few of the above items and wanted to share. I also stand by my non-toy gift guide if you’re looking for additional suggestions!

For those on the edge of their seat, we decided on the wood balance board since he’s been trying to use Matt’s old skateboard + magnifying glass and compass from the girls (he loves a good outdoor adventure) and tickets to BrickFest in August. I am also not above wrapping up the lunchbox and school uniform he needs for school next fall because #meanmom for life. I’d love to hear your favorite birthday gift you’ve given or received (as a parent or kiddo!).

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