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Family Pictures: What to Wear

We’re taking our annual family pictures this weekend and It’s going to be 90 degrees. We’ll do our best faux-fall look and then book it to the AC. #doitforthechristmascard

I have been on the struggle bus trying to find outfits for our family that coordinate but aren’t of the white button down and blue jean matchy-matchy variety. 😉 Surprisingly, Pinterest hasn’t been too helpful so I thought I’d throw together our outfits for all the internet to see.  Since we haven’t had family photos since Lucy’s newborn session I am practically losing sleep over the perfect time to take the pictures and what we are going to wear. Basically, all the first world problems you can handle.

I want to make sure we’re wearing neutrals since I’ll be displaying them in our home and you all know I love a good neutral. We all look good in blue so I tried to do blue, grey and cream colors. I am no fashionista but I think we sort of pulled it together. I didn’t want to go too dressy, just us but uh, nicer. Side note, can you even handle the fox socks?!

family pictures|Ahrens at Home

Since you asked (L to the OL), it’s going to be a game time decision on what I’ll be wearing. I bought the dress in the picture above but I didn’t realize the sleeves were bell shaped and their sizing was way off. I was drowning in a medium (and I can assure you that no part of my body would be considered a small). So I dropped it at the tailor and pick it up on Friday. Hopefully it works!  Otherwise there will be much hemming and hawing from our side of town.

I plan on doing some more holiday themed pictures (cocoa and christmas PJs anyone?!) with just the kids in a few weeks but our favorite photog was in the area so I jumped at the chance to have her snap a few pics of all of us. I’m hoping she can work her magic as we currently consider everyone in the frame as a winner. I’ll have my pockets full of marshmallow bribery for my children because I have no shame. Wish us luck!


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