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3 easy back to school hairstyles

I partnered with our favorite hairstylist here in Pasadena for this post about wrangling that kid hair! I don’t know about you but when trying to get three kids out the door before 8 am, cute hair for our girls is pretty much last priority. The thing is, I almost always need Harper’s hair up for school. They’re in a play-based school so they’re always in mud, paint or some other mess (great for creative play! Horrible for mom’s laundry!) plus, braids deter head lice (shudder). So here’s what we came up with.

1//Top knot + headband. These little baby headbands are adorable! They’re made of stretchy cotton so they fit newborns to preschoolers. I also love that they’re fabric so they can be tossed into the wash just like the rest of the muddy clothes. The one below is from Jenn’s collection but we also love June and January or Sadie Sky.

3 easy back to school hairstyles|Ahrens at Home

Jenn recommends using a small clear elastic to pull up a high ponytail. Then just wrap the hair around until you get a tight bun. You can leave it slicked back for a ballerina look or loosen it up to look a bit messier like she did above. If you don’t have a headband, we love these cute clips to tame the wispy baby hairs.

2//The dutch braid. If you don’t already know how to braid, this one may need a bit of practice before you can throw it into your morning routine. It is essentially a french braid, just bring the outer strands under the middle, instead of over. She reminded me that it encourages the undone look which is perfect for kids, unlike the french braid which just ends up looking messy.

dutch braid for preschool|Ahrens at Home

Btw- Jenn is SO SO good at braiding, she gave me so many cute (easy!) ideas that we’re going to do a separate post on just braiding for littles (get your Elsa fans ready!).

dutch braid for preschool|Ahrens at Home

Once you’ve got the it mastered, you’ll be able to throw this together in less than 5 minutes (seriously! I timed her!). I use this spray before braiding for a little grip and also to protect little heads from lice (can you tell I’m totally paranoid about this?!).

3//The double ponytail. Harper has really fine, wispy hair so the double ponytail helps keep those baby hairs in check. Again, using a clear elastic band, pull the hair into a half-ponytail, following the part. Then gather the remainder of the hair into a second elastic. Here, I divided the bottom two into low pigtails and added a bow to each side. I sometimes will just do a regular ponytail and add a cute clip to the side.

Easy hairstyles for preschool|Ahrens at Home

I always use these cheapie bows from Amazon for school days. It’s around $10 for 40 bows so I’m not to worried about losing them. I save the fabric bows for church or special occassions!

Easy hairstyles for preschool|Ahrens at Home

Any go to hair styles for kiddos that I’m missing? I’ve contemplated cutting Harper’s hair short because she really doesn’t like brushing it but she wants it long for reasons unknown. The threenager struggle is real friends.

favorite shampoo/lice spray/no tangle brush

hair clips/clear elastics/school bows

Big thanks to Jenn at Corte Studio. She’s been our kiddos hairstylist for a couple of years and does such a great job! I can’t recommend her enough. She even does braiding sessions, so if you need a hands-on tutorial, she’s your gal.

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