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Wee Eat: Costco Favs

Costco and I are BFF+E. I mean, bulk cheese, double rider shopping carts, and $1.25 hot dogs. What’s not to love?


With two kids (and one on the way) I have gotten super stream lined on my shopping. If Costco or Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell it, we probably don’t have it. Since I Costco is the hottest club I’ve been standing in line for lately, I wanted to share our favs. Basically, I’m trying to convince you all that it’s the best store ever. Costco haul ahead!

//Fresh fruits + veggies. Did you know that Costco just passed Whole Foods for largest retailer of organic items? Hey-o! So cheap too. Our bi-weekly grabs are spinach, berries, bananas ($1.39 a bunch!), apples and sometimes I get fancy with a delicious shaved brussel sprout salad.

//Meat, frozen + fresh. So Cal may have the best produce you’ll find in the country but I find the meat in the grocery store really lacking quality or really expensive. Like $6.99 a pound for 80/20 ground beef in a tube. I’ll admit I am a bit snotty about beef and pork in particular hailing from the Midwest. Favorites are the fresh grass fed ground beef, pork loin (great prices and individually packaged) and Aidell’s chicken/apple sausage. I also have purchased a 6 pack of steaks and separated and frozen the extras at home. I buy the frozen organic chicken here too. Before you think I am TOO FANCY, I love the rotisserie chicken too.

//Dairy case. We buy our cage free, organic eggs here  along with Tillamook cheese slices. They also have the best price on KerryGold butter I’ve found. I also grab the two pound block of monterrey jack and separate and shredded it myself. Did you know you could freeze cheese?! We don’t buy milk here since the organic is only sold in a set of three half gallon containers. Not efficient for my fridge.

//Pantry staples. You won’t find me stocking up on 50 pound bags of flour but I totally snap up the avocado oil, quinoa, coach’s oats, and real maple syrup (so cheap!). The chocolate chips are also a steal at 60% cacao.

//Boozy Suzie. When not pregnant I am totally on the wine game there. Right now I am chugging down Pellegrino by the case load. $12 water makes me feel ridiculous and fancy, all at the same time.

//Other crap that always makes into our basket. I love buying sunscreen (Honest Co!) here since we go through it so quickly. Pasty skin for life friends. I also buy my shampoo and conditioner here, which I’m not sure I should admit but…no shame in my game. I buy my prenatals here since it seems like I am on the pregnancy and/or nursing wheel of fun with no exit in sight.

Surprisingly, I pass on the paper products and the dipes. I just don’t have the storage for all 370 rolls of toilet paper and we try really hard to use cloth towels in the kitchen. I’ve heard the diapers and wipes are all the rage but I’m willing to pay a little extra to have ours delivered to our door from Amazon Prime. Lazy at its finest.

I think that covers it. I am just as impressed as you that I managed to bang out this many words on my glorified grocery list. So, you’re welcome? Now you know I can’t go without hearing what your favorite buy from Costco is. Or are you a Sam’s fan? Horror.

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