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Double the Fun|Twins in August

Thank you all for your sweet comments, texts and messages on our expanding brood! We are still shocked that we’re going to have 5 kiddos, 5 and under (with 3 under 2) so soon.

Twins Announcement|Ahrens at Home

In case you missed another biggest update…we’re having boys! Identical boys!

Twins Announcement|Ahrens at Home

Photo cred to my 4 year old!

I would say we’re 50% elated and 50% terrified (ok, maybe 40/60). We met with our high-risk OB and he gave us some information on what kind of twins we have (there are four, did you know that?!) and what kind of complications and risks can be associated with a twin pregnancy. We have identical twins that have separate sacs and share a placenta (mono/di twins). We were also told our Baby B has some heart issues (which I’ll update you all on soon!) so that means LOTS of appointments for the next few months.

Twins Announcement|Ahrens at Home

It was a little overwhelming to be honest but we’re just having faith that we’ll deliver happy, healthy babies in August (or late July) as they typically don’t let our type of twins go past 38 weeks.

When I found out I was pregnant in January, I kept having twin dreams (which I told Matt about) but brushed it off to being crazy and the fact that a couple of my friends had twins and had been teasing me. I went to my first ultrasound by myself, mainly because the first OB appointment is pretty underwhelming to anyone who has had more than one baby and Matt was watching Lucy and picking up the kids from preschool. The doctor said, well, there’s the baby and I totally breathed a sigh of relief and then she paused and said, WAIT! There are two in there. It was such a surreal experience but almost felt like deja vu with my crazy pregnancy dreams. I can’t even explain it. When I met Matt at home he had just pulled into the driveway from preschool pick up and asked if I wanted to go to lunch and I said, YES. I need a lunch out. He laughed and said, oh, is it twins? He almost fainted when I said yes!


Of course every specialist, physical therapist, sonogram tech, and front office staff wants to know if this is our first pregnancy and just about faint over dead when we tell them that they’re our 4th and 5th babies. I think my fav mom-blog described it accurately here.


Here’s what we know so far…

Other questions everyone (mostly Grandmas) want to know:

  • Are you moving? No! We love SoCal and Matt’s job is here. More specifically, we aren’t moving from our current home either. It’s going to be a cozy fit but the girls are already sharing a room and we’ll have the babies upstairs with us for the first year (just like Lucy).
  • What are you going to drive? We’re sad to say goodbye to our trusty Town & Country minivan but need to upgrade to the Pacifica (my brother has it and gives it 5 stars) so we can fit the three big kids across the back. We’ll be using these carseats.
  • Do you have help?! Our moms will be coming out for a few weeks after the babies are born to help us with the big kids and our sitter will still be here one day a week.

So that’s the excitement happening around the Ahrens’ homestead. The big kids are thrilled. Hudson keeps asking about his brothers, Harper is harboring some serious skepticism that there are two babies in my belly button and Lucy doesn’t care (photo evidence below).

Twins Announcement|Ahrens at Home

Twins Announcement|Ahrens at Home

High 5 for 5 kids, 5 and under! Mom is going to be crazy(er).

Twins Announcement|Ahrens at Home



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  1. Grantie
    April 5, 2017 / 7:36 pm

    High 5 for 5 kids under 5! So witty! Love you and your basketball team!❤❤

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