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House Tour: Hudson’s Room

I know I’ve been promising a peek into Hudson’s big boy room for about two years now and today is the day! It’s not that I was waiting on some last minute art installation (L to the OL), it’s just rarely cleaned up at the same time the lighting is ok for picture taking. Like Harper’s room, it’s in the back of the house which even with two nice sized windows, rarely gets great sunlight. It’s amazing for our 7 pm bedtimes but not great for this snap happy mother-blogger.

Hudson's Room|Ahrens at Home

So tardiness aside, let’s get a move on it. I really wanted to stay away from getting too theme-y (cars toddler bed, I’m looking at you) as we all know kiddos are prone to interest changes on the daily so I sort of went with a loose camping/outdoors-y feel. I love the look of Emily’s twins’ room at her last home and Emily at JDC put together an adorable room for her boys too. I just didn’t want to invest too much in individual pieces to fit into a theme.

Since we rent, I opted not to paint and there wasn’t much I could do about adding in an overhead lighting fixture. I also axed window treatments in favor of matchstick blinds with black out rollers behind them. The blank curtain rods are here to stay as they were installed when we moved in and I am not about to patch lathe and plaster. I originally had planned to use that buffalo check fabric for curtains but Ikea never has it in stock anymore so accent pillows will have to do.

I love the bed we went with (it’s a trundle!) but the room size and layout made for a tricky bed + dresser set up. We thought about bunk beds but I don’t think we’re quite there yet. I’m just imagining Harper swan diving off the top bunk for funsies.

Hudson's Room|Ahrens at Home

I don’t really want to get rid of the dressers I picked up for his original nursery that I refinished (even though they are pretty beat up at this point) but they do take up an entire wall of space so I’m still on the fence. They house our diapering supplies since Harper’s room has a taller dresser and I don’t really want to walk upstairs for each and every diaper change. Maybe if the best dresser ever just pops up on Craig’s List I could be swayed to switch them out but for now I think they work. I think a natural wood dresser would be really nice in here.

Hudson's Room|Ahrens at Home

The watercolors were a gift from my step-mom’s sister. She painted them for me when I sent her this adorable nursery art that I had to have (she doesn’t sell the prints-fyi!).

Hudson's Room|Ahrens at Home

To tie into the outdoors-y theme I hung them in front of a sisal rope ala Dina at Honey & Fitz. She is seriously an interiors genius. I pretty much love anything she touches, her nursery ceiling had me ordering vinyl stars for Harper’s ceiling the very next day.

The gallery wall is sort of a mish-mash of favorite art prints (I’m pretty sure I have a Lindsay Letters piece in every room of my house) and found little things I thought looked cute together. If you think I laid out all those frames and pieces out before nailing holes in the wall, well bless your heart, and don’t mind the giant tub of spackle in my garage. I’d love to have some space for shelves for a little more display space but lazy moms can’t be choosers.

Hudson's Room|Ahrens at Home

I went every which way on what to do on the large wall above Hudson’s bed. It’s our biggest slice of wall but with earthquakes being a real concern here, I didn’t want anything up there that could fall on him. I finally landed on this adorable USA canvas map from the Land of Nod and couldn’t love it more. He loves pointing out Iowa (where all of the farms are!) California and New York. I’d love to add a vintage Hudson Bay wool blanket to the end of the bed but we might wait on that until the sheets are staying dry overnight on a consistent basis before taking that plunge.

Hudson's Room|Ahrens at Home

Hudson's Room|Ahrens at Home

So there you have it! One big boy bedroom blogged. Need any other sources? Just holler.


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  1. Grantie
    October 25, 2016 / 9:00 pm

    Love Hudsons big boy room! ❤

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