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Five on Friday: Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Alternately titled, omghowisthanksgivingnextweek? I’m back for another week of empty promises of real blog post soon, I swear I’ll follow through one of these days. In the meantime, how about a little list of things I know you need to know about.

1//Let’s talk play kitchens. You know I ramped up Mrs. Claus’s workshop a couple of years ago to create this labor of love. But friends, this kitchen is on Amazon’s pre-black friday sale (which, wtf is that?) for $84. Go and get you one. Spray paint the hardware gold and save yourself from toiling away in the garage for the next 3 weeks.

2//New shoes! For Moi! The shock and awe on the children’s faces maybe proved that it’s been some time since a package has arrived on our porch without their names on it. My friend Sarah had these adorable mules on last week and I had to have them. $25 for basically identical dupes to these shoes, which I think are copycats of Gucci shoes but anyway, VERY CHEAP-VERY CUTE!

3//We’re staying home this Thanksgiving (which I love, don’t feel sad for us!) so I’m finalizing our menu this weekend. We stick pretty close to the traditional feast but have you got any must-have recipes I should be adding to my table? You can stalk my Pinterest board for all of my turkey day pining.

4//Christmas shopping + all the things. I feel roughly, about a million percent behind this year. Usually I like to have my shopping and Advent calendar plans wrapped up in a (literal) bow by this time. I did manage to press purchase on my Christmas cards this week. I tried my hand at designing my own this year and again printed via my boo, Costco. Here’s the post on how to get premium(ish) cards for less than your mortgage payment.

5//Lucy has eclipsed her older siblings in riding the crazy train before her second birthday. She decided to cannonball out of her crib last week. Don’t worry Grandma, SHE’S FINE. I think she scared herself so I’m hoping for a few more months (years, if I’m being honest) of her caged up but we shall see. Otherwise a little room refresh may be on the horizon for our little sister friends. We might just get organized and Harper can finally stop sleeping on a mattress on the floor. WE WILL SEE!

That’s all I’ve got for you this week friends! Matt’s brother is headed in for a visit and I’ve got plans for a craft fair + Iowa game watch (hoping for a rebound from the beatdown last week!). I think we’re also decking our halls so falalalala, until next time!

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friday print via hunting louise


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