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Oh What a Day! Christmas 2016

Christmas was so good to us this year! The kids were full of excitement and the surprise on their faces was worth the v.v. tense 3 minutes of toddler screaming regarding the pencils in the pew during the quiet reflection before the candlelit singing of Silent Night at church. Sorry fellow parishioners.

Christmas Eve was filled with last minute cookie decorating, delivering bread to our neighbors and the aforementioned candlelight service.

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

In true mom fashion I demanded our annual in front of the tree picture before we left for church. I’m not sure it was worth it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Self timer magic, and mom screaming at everyone to just smile. FOR THE LOVE.


Last attempt after santa hat negotiations. I’m not sure we’re ready for a Norman Rockwell sitting but here we are, in all our Christmas Eve glory.

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

After church we came home to find that PJ, our elf, had left us new Christmas PJs and a new book. Take 2 on that tree photo.

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

The PJs are from Old Navy and I couldn’t get over how cute the girls looked in night dresses. So stinking adorable, in my non-biased opinion, of course.IMG_9399

After setting out Santa’s cookies and carrots for the reindeer, we tucked everyone in and hustled out to the garage to bring in all of Santa’s treasures.

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

The kids only had one request from Santa this year, a dollhouse! At the 11th hour I decided to take on a car race track ramp that I saw on Kate’s blog. Huge hit and it only cost me about $8 and 30 minutes of my time to whip together. Santa brought Lucy a little xylophone and she couldn’t love it more. You may have seen her whipping around on snapchat (username/beahrens).

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

Last year the kids slept in and weren’t too sure about their stockings but this year they got down to business! We found Hudson lying on the floor pouf in the dark just staring at the tree and all of Santa’s gifts. It was pretty adorable. After rescuing Harper from her crib, they ran into the room and jumped right at their stockings with glee. Best time of the year to be a parent. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

Poor Lucy was still sleeping since she came down with the worst cold and was up all night coughing and wheezing.

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

She finally joined the festivities and enjoyed having all of her new toys taken away from her by her siblings. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

As I was looking through my camera and phone, it looks like I didn’t take too many pictures this year. Lots of video but I’ll spare you this time! My dad was able to join us for the afternoon and spoiled us all by making a prime rib for dinner.

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

We lounged around in our jammies all day in between opening gifts, playing outside and face-timing our family. It was glorious!

Christmas 2016|Ahrens at Home

That’s a wrap! We’re leaving the decor and tree up for another week at least. Based on my IG and Facebook feed, we were the only people in America who stayed home in our pajamas all day yesterday. We’re planning more of the same until the New Year. I hope your Christmas was very merry!

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