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Halloween 2018|Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Is it still safe to post Halloween pictures while simultaneously already having your tree lit in the front window? Asking for a friend.

Even though we’re already well on our way to falalala-ing our way into the most magical time of year, I wanted to document this year’s costumes. If only to say, look at how cute my baby is! (although, isn’t that what a mom blog is all about?). Let’s not ponder on that for too long.

Three Little Pigs Halloween costume

I present, The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. I saw this darling wolf bonnet last year and knew I had to put it on new baby (now Ellis!) so I managed to convince my big three to be the little pigs in this year’s escapade.

Three Little Pigs Halloween costume

Three Little Pigs Halloween costume

I also decided to make the bonnet instead of buy because as they say, why spend $50 on something when you can spend a $100 and make it yourself? I adapted this pattern for the bonnet if there are ladies out there looking to make more work for yourselves next Halloween too.

The pigs were a pretty easy project, aside from the daily brainwashing over HOW CUTE they were going to be. I sewed pig ears and glued them to straw hats and added curly tails to the back of their overalls. I was slightly horrified that Target was selling pig ears and tails for $3 each after I had already purchased said crafting supplies. In a moment of sanity, I bought the tails from the bullseye and added wire to make them a bit more curly and a little less, um…limp?

Three Little Pigs Halloween costume

After suiting up and taking 1000 pictures we canvassed the neighborhood for candy. I was surprised how far the kids made it on foot in pursuit of sugary spoils, particularly since Hudson’s main takeaway from our NYC trip was that “we just walked SO MUCH. We’re never going back”. We managed to get the candy bucket out of Lucy’s death grip and everyone tucked into bed by 8:30 and closed out Halloween 2018 with a fistful of stolen Reese’s like every other parent in America.

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