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Ultimate Easter Basket Gift Guide

I was group texting my mom-tribe last week trying to come up with Easter basket ideas for the kiddos that are not filler junk that would be tossed in the trash before the last egg was even collected, actually useful, and not one million dollars. I think I’ve written about Easter baskets more than stocking stuffers on the old blog but there’s always room for one more post, right? RIGHT?!

SO…I’m here to clackity-clack-clack my contributions for your scrolling and Amazon Prime-ing. Oh, and just one teeny, tiny disclaimer…these are my collective ideas from all of my years of Easter basket filling. My children aren’t getting all of this in their baskets, no ma’am. You know how I feel about all the toys up in here.

Easter Gift Guide|Ahrens at Home

You ready for those links? Away we go…

basket/bunny plate/rainbow stacker/jump rope/maileg bunny/hair clips/notebook/play mats/finger puppets/balloons/xylophone/bunny chapstick/swimsuit/rain boots/tattoos/ ball/umbrella/watering can/bunny bubbles

snack keepers/eggs/lamb/crayons/bandaids/trunks/legos/butterfly kite/tubby todd/rubber duck/radio/water bottle/magnifying glass/bunny purse/bike bell/bird call/bunny roo/country bunny/golden egg/dear bunny

This year my kiddos are getting bathing suits, water balloons, Maileg bunnies for the dollhouse, and the camp castle play mats. We’ll be filling everyone’s favorite baskets with tons of Easter grass and a few packets of Annie’s bunny treats.

If you’ve got time, I love the idea of throwing in a set of handmade play silks or homemade play doh!

Baby’s First Easter Basket/more useful basket ideas/all gift ideas

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