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Five on Tuesday: Halloween Edition!

Whew! It’s been a minute, now hasn’t it? I have so much to clickity-clack on out here but zero time to do it (said every mother, ever). We took a ten-day trip to Iowa in the middle of the month and while it was so great to see family and friends, it sort of wiped out October in a blink!


We did all of The Fall Things while we were home, which was so glorious in all of it’s mid-60/low-70 degree weather (all the praise hands for skipping that 100 degree pumpkin patch day). See here for the 2016/2015 sweat-fests, if you’re in the mood for reminiscing.

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I’m planning to tell you all about our recent adventures (promise!) but also wanted to share a few things that I’ve been loving and decided a bulleted list would get’r done.

1//New cookbook gems! I checked out Chrissy’s Teigen’s cookbook from our library and it is a delight! Admittedly, I initially only grabbed it because I adore her twitter feed but girlfriend has some rock-solid recipes! I also grabbed Food52 A New Way to Dinner and total game changer. I love a good menu plan (I do mine monthly! I thought I did a full post on that but I can’t find it…so maybe I’ll go into the full crazy on a future post). Anyway, the book is separated by season and you get a full weekly menu plan + shopping lists + how to tackle to the batch cooking. The recipes are creative but accessible, I wouldn’t necessarily throw this book at a college kid but if you know your way around a basic kitchen, I think it’s worth a look on your next library visit. More wee eats here.

2//Lucy turns two! Can you even believe it?! This last year whizzed by and I’m planning her birthday party in two weeks since her big day lands on Black Friday this year and honestly I don’t want to squeeze in another event in late November. We’re going with a woodland birthday brunch. So, basically just reusing all of my old birthday party decor. #thirdbabyprobz Find her first birthday here/birth story here.

3//Homeschool life (ummm, sort of?). I’m not sure how we got here but we’re doing a semi-homeschool curriculum with Hudson this year. We fell down this rabbit hole due to our public schools being crap and private schools being a gajillion dollars a year. We had planned on red-shirting him until next year anyway so we’re just giving it a low-risk whirl this year while he still attends the co-op three times a week with Harper. It’s going, ok…we’re definitely on team less testing/homework/rigorous academia for the under eight set. If you happen to be in the same boat, I have loved the thoughtful and seasoned insight from Jodi, Ashley, and Rebecca.

4//A new couch! It has been almost 11 years since we bought a new couch and it is totally showing it’s age. We want to go with leather because, well, kids but are stuck on what to get. I like this one and the price point is great but I’m just nervous the attached cushions could get droopy pretty quickly. I LOVE this couch but it is literally nicer than our second car so it seems like a pretty big investment because, again…kids.

5//Halloween is tonight! YAY! Our kids are so excited to go trick or treating tonight and I can’t wait to steal all of their candy while they’re sleeping (mom perks!). I convinced Harper to be Alice months ago and we somehow got all of them on board for a family theme so basically, dream come true over here. More photos on the gram (probably more than you want to see anyway). Halloween 2016/Halloween 2015

Affiliate links used above. You buy? We get a slice of the pie with no additional cost to you. More information here. Thanks for keeping our candy bucket full, you’re the best! 

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  1. Grantie
    November 1, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    Love couch #1 Just thought I’d chime in, lol

    • Brittney
      November 4, 2017 / 8:45 am

      Thanks! At this point it almost doesn’t matter what couch, we just need a new one!

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